Friday, June 10, 2011

One of Sophie's Fans

An adorable picture of my friend Christie's daughter, Mallory, reading "Sophie's Lovely Locks." Christie says, "Mallory likes to try to talk along with parts of the book. She has learned some of the words (from hearing us read it all the time!) She loves to point out the details in the pictures like the mouse, fish, frog and tells the cat on the stool in the window 'Careful cat.. fall down!' which is her way of saying don't fall down, cat! She loves to say 'goopy goop' and says 'Oh no!' after she gets the tape and glue stuck in her hair."

Friday, June 3, 2011

A great review from the Library Media Connection!

"Grades 1-5—Cute little Sophie has long, lovely locks that are curly, twirly, and girly! She can wear her hair in braids or pigtails, or flying free in the rain. As the reader can predict, Sophie does not like a “snarly, tangly mess.” Readers can hear the ouch and the eek as Sophie tries to untangle the mess. In order to get her hair under control, she tries a number of options which all just make her hair a bigger mess and make the reader giggle. Finally, determining her hair is too much work, she heads out for a haircut, but this haircut is special because she will donate her hair to some other little girl who needs it. This is a precious story with princess-like illustrations that are ideal for Sophie’s story of love. The author’s notes include contact information on Locks of Love as well as two other organizations. Highly Recommended."

—      Library Media Connection, August/September Issue