Saturday, February 9, 2013

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A Day at the Lake

I am very excited to announce that A Day at the Lake will be available March 2013!

A Day at the Lake by Stephanie Wallingford & Dawn Rynders.  

Illustrated by Erica Pelton Villnave

Flippity flop and splash your way through this colorful trip to the lake. Jump in with your senses and play with rhymes as you experience the waves, the boats, and the many animals. This cheery book follows three children as they enjoy the simple pleasures and rare glimpses that nature offers us around the lake.

A Day at the Lake is told using all five senses, and teaches children vowels and soun
d effects. Large and brightly colored illustrations bring this story to life. Simple, short text leaves much to the reader's imagination as they experience their own day at the lake.

ISBN# 978-1-938063-03-9